Billy Branson

During the 1970s while Billy Branson studied at Emporia State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Counseling, she took a class in Death and Dying. The students were asked whether machines should be used to keep patients alive after the prognosis is death. Contrary to the rest of the class, Billy said, "Yes." When asked to explain, she told her story for the first time outside her family circle. The professor asked her to repeat her death experience while it was being taped. Future psychology students heard the tape replayed for many years.

After people began asking for the story to be written, Billy decided to put it in book form in 1984. Mining The Silver Lining was written for her friends, family, and clients but before long it traveled by word-of-mouth and copies of the book was sent to others as presents all over the United States. People began to request it from bookstores and even people in foreign countries began asking for copies. The book is presently out-of-print but is still being circulated on,, Abebooks, and Elan Press. A 2nd edition of Mining The Silver Lining has just been released in May of 2013 and is available for purchase from FriesenPress and anywhere books are sold.

Because of the death experience, Billy took post-graduate work and earned her certification in Clinical Hypnosis. She has since directed Hypnotherapy Workshops from Denver to Maryland. She has been a private counselor since 1982 and at the present time is working as an astrological reader, lecturer, and counselor. Billy has written How Astrology Saved My Life and it was published in October of 2012 and is available from FriesenPress as well. Several articles have been written about Billy, her work, and her abilities. Several poems have been published, two in Bane K. Wilker's Tales of the Old West: A Widow's Lament, winter 1987, and Cup of Rum in the summer 1987 edition. Her poem "Alone" received Honorable Mention in The American Poetry Association's 1985 Summer Poetry Contest and was published in "100 Best Poems."

Billy belongs to the Kansas Authors Club, The Aquarian Order of Astrologers in Kansas City, and the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). Over the years, she has spoken on the radio, at conferences, for groups, clubs and schools about her life story, hypnosis, and astrology.

 In 2005, Billy was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister and has added pastoral counseling to her abilities as a way to help more people.